Of liquidity leading to better spreads and superior execution

Solution supports multi-tiered best bid/offer aggregation, leading to better spreads and superior execution. Clients can take advantage of the variety of supported providers to create an optimal mix of liquidity. An unlimited number of liquidity pools can be customised on a per symbol and time frame basis.

The XM Aggregator supports complex and dynamic routing rules, which can be tailored for different clients, symbols, order types, trade sizes, target LPs, etc. An unlimited number of markup profiles can be defined and customized on a per symbol and time frame basis, ensuring optimal settings for different offerings and market conditions.


Benefits of liquidity aggregation

  • Aggregate prices across any number of liquidity providers
  • Fully aggregated market depth across liquidity providers
  • Create a more competitive environment for your clients through a greater number of liquidity providers
  • Access to competitive liquidity, even during volatile periods
  • Protect against off-market prices
  • Sweep the book, ensuring the best VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)